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Wearable RFID reader allows Hands-Free Work
TECCO provides much more efficient, precise and faster work in manufacturing or logistic warehouses.
  • TECCO reads RFID tag data automatically, and sends it to devices via Bluetooth.
  • The front, and back of the hand is the readable area, enabling reading just by touching.
  • No need to pick up, or take off device.
  • Vibrating alert equipped.
RFID Frequency range 13.56MHz
Protocols ISO15693(Tag-it HF-I、I・CODE SLI / SLIX)
Power 80mW
Readable distance 0~10cm ※1
Bluetooth Frequency range 2.4GHz
Class and Version Class 2, Confirm to Bluetooth ver2.1 + EDR
Profile SPP
LED Red LED Battery Status, Status of RFID Reading, etc.
Orange LED Error Status, Controllable by command, etc.
Vibration Notification of RFID Reading, Controllable by command, etc.
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V 770mAh
Battery life Approx. 40 hours ※2
Size 195 ×27.3 ×95 mm (without belt)
Weight Approx. 80g (inclusive battery and belt)Specifications
※1 Depending on the kind of RFID tag and environment.
※2 Depending on Read settings.
Introduction Example

The Picking System for An Automotive Manufacturer

TECCO allows the worker to pick the correct item from the appropriate location. With the RFID tags attached to the shelves, and the worker equipped with TECCO, TECCO reads the data from the RFID tags, and alerts the user for the wrong item.
Precise and efficient picking
TECCO is more efficient than conventional handy-scanners and barcodes for the following reasons:
    1. The RFID does not need to be at a close distance or a precise position like a barcode scanner.
    2. TECCO does not interfere with other work since it is a wearable device.

The Picking System using TECCO with InfoLinker

Fast !

Automatic scan and check of RFID.

Efficient !
Because of Wearable.
No need to pick up, or take off device.

Precise !
Error Pick Reduction.
Vibration warning system when worker picks wrong item.

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